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Started by clanman, September 03, 2014, 06:57:46 PM

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My wife and I lobe to watch ANZAC Girls. It os on Sunday night as a first run and Saturday as a repeat.

Since Sunday night is prime time there are a lot of other shows on which precludes ANZAC Girls from getting a look in on the schedule. To get around this I have set the option to record repeats as well as new episodes.

By doing this I get the email notification that the Sunday night episode could not fit on my recorders timer. To avoid this email which is in fact in error as in this case I don't actually want the new episode, what I would like to see is a new option to record repeats only.


Good idea! I have also tried to use the "This Time Only" recording option but this only works if the repeat is at the same time each week - a little risky.


I suggested this back in 2011.  If you look at the top of this forum, there's a poll sticky on this very subject.



QuoteThere is an 'Only Repeats' option for keyword recordings.

The Advanced Search has the following choices:
- Repeats and new shows
- Only repeats
- Only new shows

Note: Setting Keyword Recordings to 'repeat:yes' only works if that keyword's 'Record' option is set to 'First runs and repeats' in My Shows.