ICE TV Interactive getting Exception System.Net.WebException

Started by ozbear, May 06, 2014, 01:31:18 PM

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The full message is:
6/05/2014 1:02:02 PM   Warn   Exception System.Net.WebException - The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.

This occurs on every download and has been going on for at least a month. I had sent a web report in about this but have received no reply so I am posting here.
I don't know how much this is interfering with the rest of the EPG download.  I clear the log and ask for a sync, here are the results:

Timestamp   Severity   Message
6/05/2014 1:28:53 PM   Info   Loading EPG data..
6/05/2014 1:28:53 PM   Info   
6/05/2014 1:28:53 PM   Info   Loading... 0%
6/05/2014 1:28:53 PM   Info   Loading... 2%
6/05/2014 1:28:53 PM   Info   Loading... 12%
6/05/2014 1:28:53 PM   Info   Loading... 29%
6/05/2014 1:28:53 PM   Info   Loading... 39%
6/05/2014 1:28:53 PM   Info   Loading... 48%
6/05/2014 1:28:54 PM   Info   Loading... 59%
6/05/2014 1:28:54 PM   Info   Loading... 69%
6/05/2014 1:28:54 PM   Info   Loading... 79%
6/05/2014 1:28:54 PM   Info   Loading... 88%
6/05/2014 1:28:54 PM   Info   Loading... 91%
6/05/2014 1:28:54 PM   Info   Loading... 94%
6/05/2014 1:28:54 PM   Info   Loading... 97%
6/05/2014 1:28:55 PM   Info   Loading... 100%
6/05/2014 1:28:55 PM   Info   the EPG loaded successfully
6/05/2014 1:28:56 PM   Info   Task 635340593097272244 was cancelled
6/05/2014 1:28:56 PM   Info   Task 635342004053144614 was cancelled
6/05/2014 1:28:57 PM   Warn   Exception System.Net.WebException - The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.
6/05/2014 1:28:59 PM   Info   There were no tasks on the server
6/05/2014 1:29:00 PM   Info   Uploaded 2 tasks
6/05/2014 1:29:00 PM   Info   Logging in..
6/05/2014 1:29:01 PM   Info   Receiving device list:
6/05/2014 1:29:03 PM   Info     Device 0 - loungeroom


I have exactly the same issue, and suspect it has been happening even longer.
Antec NSK2480B Case & PSU, Asus M4A785TD-M-EVO motherboard, AMD Phenom II 965 3.40Ghz quad core CPU, 4Gb RAM, Hauppauge HVR2200 Dual Tuner, 1Tb and 500Gb WD HDDs, Windows 10 running NextPVR


Thanks Dave.
What I don't understand now is why there is apparently no support for ICE issues.
I don't expect an immediate fix, but some sort of acknowledgement from ICETV that they are/will look into it would be what most people, who are paying for a service, would expect.

Dave at IceTV

Hi John,

I cannot see any support ticket in your account. If you sent the log via the IceTV Interactive Tools tab that would explain why we never received it as the options on the Tools tab haven't worked since a previous update.

Your log entry that shows "Warn   Exception System.Net.WebException - The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request." is a harmless warning, and not a real error. You'll note in the log that IceTV Interactive works up to that point and continues to work after it. We are aware that some logs show that warning and hope to have it resolved in the next update.

Customer Service