Topfield 5000 no longer able to download EPG

Started by GeorgeC, June 10, 2016, 06:38:43 PM

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I have a direct USB connection to my Topfield 5000MVP however since June 4 I haven't been able to connect and download the EPG. Coincidentally the same day Telstra installed a number of wireless networks FON and Telstra Air??? When I try to connect to the IceTv server I get a message that states "Unable to fetch EPG. Go to Members Area .... and select the EPG you want to use." When I go there the Topfield 5000 is not there (never has been but I could still download using the Topfield widget in XP).

Any clues as to what is going on?

Thanks for any help.


Dave at IceTV

Hi George,

What software are you using on the computer to download the guide from IceTV? (and upload it to the Topfield)

Is your Internet via wireless broadband?

Customer Service


Hi Dave,

I've just fixed it. The problem was Telstra had switched me to a new plan and I found that my devices were accessing the "Telstra Air" network. I cancelled that and went back to my home network and all was well. I can't understand how Telstra Air appeared yet I had no input. Anyway all is working.