Firmware version 1.08.05

Started by carlprowse, June 22, 2013, 06:44:32 PM

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Has anyone updated to firmware version 1.08.05?

The release notes on the Humax Australia website list the changes as follows:

Version 1.08.05 provides following benefits
- Enable recorded content decrypt copy to usb
- Resolved Quickflix DRM Error

I wonder if anything else has changed?


Not yet ... I'm waiting for someone else to go first and report any problems!!

I see there's no mention of a freezing problem fix though.


ive updated,,,,still having freezing issues....also having issues when playing back recorded files going from ff to play it goes back to the very start of the file and i have to ff to where i left off,frustrating :-\


The new 20 May 2013 1.08.05 version is working fine for me.

IceTV is working well. The Humax is coping well when IceTV updates the start time or duration of an existing schedule. Padding is also working properly. The old padding issue had returned with the "21 Oct 2012 1.08.05" version so it's good to see it fixed again in this "20 May 2013 1.08.05" version.

The only difficulty I had was that I could not update from via the TV Portal - I kept getting an error saying something like "Download cancelled due to network condition or scheduled recording". There were no scheduled recordings and my current Internet download speed was 102mbps and the Humax is using Cat6 to the router. So I updated via USB.

PS Cannot comment on freezing because I've only ever had the Humax freeze once, while browsing the media folders. Also cannot comment on rebooting either as I don't have Cyberlink PowerDVD 11 or Twonky Version 7 running on any networked devices so I've never experienced the rebooting.


I am back on 1.07 with no issues. I downgraded from 1.08.04 due to the freezing issue. There will need to be compelling benefit for me to upgrade.


I've recently purchased the 500gb HDR7500T and pre/post padding isn't working when scheduling via the FTA EPG.  The PVR is running 1.08.04 21 Oct 2012.  Does anyone know if installing 20 May 2013 1.08.05 fixes the padding issue?  TIA


my experience is that the 1.08.05 fixes the padding issues....hopefully for you to


Thanks megamark.  Have just seen thread on 1.08.06 so will wait for someone to try that one :)