Re: TF7100HDPlus firmware download links not working?

Started by kurzweilfreak, June 22, 2013, 08:55:01 PM

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I´m trying to find the following firmware for my STB (haven´t used it the last couple of years) but the firmware download links on don´t work.
I have of course googled to try find the files somewhere else but could only find the latest firmware for System ID 32031 which doesn´t help me.

Can anyone please help?

System ID: 32030
Firmware version wanted: v1.07.00 (non working link is


The Topfield Australia (Toppro) www has been badly broken for months. Most of the download links do not work, and the forum is dead.

It is great that Vortical (with the assistance of the other Topfield forum moderators) was able to make a wide selection of Toppy firmware available on that site.

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