Topfield 2460 not receiving IceTV EPG or Recordings anymore

Started by chrisby80, October 17, 2012, 06:26:29 PM

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Quote from: Dave at IceTV on January 16, 2013, 03:29:29 PM

I have now set the following in your account:
Ten = 10
One = 1
7 Digital = 7

Your other channels were already correct. These changes mean that the duplicate channels will be blank (12, 70 and 71).

Please force your Topfield to update the guide as follows:
1. Go to 'Menu > Settings > IceTV',
2. Reset EPG Data by pressing the Red F1 button while in the IceTV menu and answering Yes.
3. Exit the menu.
4. Wait a few minutes and then check the guide has program info.
5. If the guide is blank, turn the Topfield off and on and repeat step 4.
6. Click on 'Resend all recordings' from the 'TV Recorders' tab on the website here:
7. Within 30 minutes you should see your reservations in 'Menu > Recording > Reservations'.

After many years of trouble free 'Ice-ing' I've been having problems with recordings scheduling on my Toppy 2400. No problems with my Beyonwiz PVRs.
My problem is that some (most) timers I've set with IceTV haven't been coming through to the Toppy. I've been setting them manually for the last week or so as to avoid wife disapproval - and in the hope it would come good.
My EPG seems to be remaining up to date as does my XML data for Just EPG - in accordance with the 'Last EPG fetches' under My Account.
I'm sure I hadn't changed any settings or installed new TAPs on the Toppy when the problem started.

This morning (Thursday) I followed the 7 step process above and it seemed to go to script except after step 2, when the device type changed to BWizH1 (the first listed of my Ice devices). I reset it to TRF2400.
The EPG data returned within a couple of minutes.
After about 30 minutes, only one timer (Elementary) appeared in my Toppy's timer list. There should have been at least 6 timers - between today and next Monday.
I've re-booted the Toppy a couple of times, but still no joy.

I've since changed my IceTV settings to single LCNs for all channels even though this hasn't been a problem in the past.

Request Dave or other Ice staff have a look at my account to see if/what I'm doing wrong.

EDIT: Forgot to mention - I also tried deleting all timers and re-send to see if this helped. This is when I got the one timer.


Since my last post I've done a factory reset, ensured I can connect to internet with Shoutcast and even replaced the LAN cable between the Toppy and the switch (shows my level of desperation). After the factory reset, I selected resend all reservations from the IceTV website and  the page indicated that they were sent.
Still getting regular EPG and XML updates but no timers are appearing - waited more than 30 minutes. Should be at least 6, but there are none this time.
Does anyone know why the Toppy would be receiving EPG data but not timers?
I've confirmed that the IceTV settings are Enabled and the device type is TRF2400. As previously stated, I also have 3 Beyonwiz machines on the account.
Any help much appreciated.

EDIT: More info. My ISP is Telstra (ADSL) and my firmware is Nov 2011 - not changed for more than a year.

EDIT 2: Network is set to STATIC - to avoid IP conflicts. Router is a Belkin N+ - no problems with other devices. My Toppy's DNS settings are and


This is getting even weirder.
After a few hours, one (and only one) of my timers has been set. It is the same (only) one that was set last time - Elementary on channel 10 tomorrow night.
Elementary is now the next timer due, but this wasn't the case until today.
Other timers, including ones on channel 10 have not been coming through. They are showing as hollow red doughnuts. No alert symbols.

I've sent a support request to IceTV and will let you all know the outcome - unless someone from IceTV staff responds in this thread.


This has taken quite a while to resolve and many thanks to Dave R and David for their patient online assistance.

Since my last post (a week), Ive;

Reset EPG, and resend timer - Fail!
Changed to single LCN per channel - Fail!
A few more Reset EPG, and resend timer - Fail! Fail! Fail!
Did a factory reset then Reset EPG, and resend timer - Fail!
(Last night) Did a clear service list, rescan and resend timers - Fail!
(This morning) Did a Reset EPG, and resend timer - Success!!

I can only assume it was the rescan, followed (many hours) later by the reset EPG/resend timers that did the trick.

Wife is very happy.

My symptoms were - no problems getting EPG data, but not receiving timers from IceTV.

Dave at IceTV

Glad you got it working, Paul.

Sometimes after a factory reset or scanning the channels or resetting the EPG it can take a few hours before the Topfield finally downloads the reservations. Setting a new series recording via IceTV can often trigger the others to be downloaded.

Customer Service



Just a follow up post to advise that it's been over a week now and my 2400 hasn't displayed any bad behaviour at all.