Missing Scheduled Recordings

Started by GlenR, December 28, 2012, 09:45:39 PM

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So much for "Never miss your favourite show again". Over the last couple of weeks I have had movies I set to record fail to record due to them being pre-empted. It seems I schedule the movie for a single recording then on the day of the movie screening I get a guide update that changes the start time and the movie does not record because it is pre-empted. The message in the media center history says it is because the previous show is now on at the scheduled start time.

This evening it happened to three movies that were scheduled - "Live And Let Die", "The General's Daughter" and Friends With Money". In each case today's guide update (at around 6PM) moved their start times back 5 minutes causing all of them to fail to record due to them being pre-empted by the previous shows still scheduled in the guide at the originally scheduled start times. Surely a change in scheduled start time should just move the recording to the new time, not cause it to be dropped.


I've had a similar problem recently on Beyonwiz. Dave at IceTV said he'd have a look at my logs to see if he could see what the problem was, but I never heard back.
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Dave at IceTV

We have now updated our server with a change which should fix the issue Media Center had with late schedule changes.

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