quickplay tap broken after latest FW update ?

Started by hostile17, August 06, 2012, 10:57:24 PM

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hi all.

i have just updated the FW on my topfield 2400. i noticed that one of the taps had a scrambled junk name when it rebooted after the update.

upon trying to play any recordings, it would play about 2 or 3 seconds and then reboot the topfield.
i went into the menu and stopped quickplay. it then would play recordings with no issues.

anyone else having the same issues ?

is there a link to a newer version of quickplay out there ?
mines about 12 months old (topfeild and quickplay)

thanks in advance.



now i am not sure where the problem lies.

it's either TMS commander JDA skip OR Quick play tap causing the problem.


i think it's BOTH JDA skip and Quick play causing the issue.

i stopped quickplay, and i can PLAY recordings. if i try to skip using JDA, it reboots...
looks like new versions of both will need to be found.

temporary fix.... i downgraded to the previous FW and all is good again.