IceTV on Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Started by Trufflehunter, March 16, 2012, 08:42:01 PM

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Count me in for Beta today please.


Ill take a beta if its going to thanks mate.


No worries, I'll post the installer here when it's ready. Just fixing the channel logo caching issue and should be right to go.


Hi Luke
Just wondering if there is any update on this?  I've got a Win 8 media centre just waiting for its IceTV ...


Quote from: JD7 on November 01, 2012, 05:02:04 PM
Hi Luke
Just wondering if there is any update on this?  I've got a Win 8 media centre just waiting for its IceTV ...

Yes that is all that is holding me up as well. IceTV is the last piece of the puzzle that is Windows 8


Hello? Any news?? Having a crappy experience with TV without EPG...need a proper ETA please, otherwise need to look for alternatives....don't really understand what is going on, since Win8 is available for testing for so long, this is paid service, should have things available at time of release...!!  >:(


Have to agree here, it is not as if this is a community project however the apparent lack of release management processes in the software development team has a lot in common with a community project.
From the outside, windows support appears to be a side project from some enthusiasts, the issue is that we are paying a fee for something we can't use, additionally we have expectations set in the forum that have not been met and there is no update.


I agree with you guys this is not good enough. We are paying for a service that we cannot use. And this service is not cheap. Thats not good value for money. After several calls to tech support I was advised they were working on it. Still there is nothing. This should have been released on launch date.
I have been a long time subscriber to IceTV and have found it to always be less than perfect but have continued to support it. If you are going to charge premium for a product you shoud be getting a premium product.
Come on guys get your act togeather.


I'd like access to the beta too please. ;)


Hi Guys,

See our "Windows 8" board for the official download link.,41.0.html

Sorry for the delay, our small, but dedicated team is putting in 200% to deliver the best TV experience.



Thanks for getting a Windows 8 version out. I now have a program guide which can tell the difference between new episodes and re-runs.


Thanks Luke, please note that the comments above are not aimed at the developers but rather the owners (assuming there is a difference). There is a need for stronger direction here despite best efforts from the coders, and we do appreciate it. Expectations for a paid service are generally higher than hobby based developers. This has been a long term issue with Windows and icetv.


The comments are totally acceptable, but there are reasons why we've u-turned on Media Center this year, and I cannot disclose just yet. :)