IceTV on Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Started by Trufflehunter, March 16, 2012, 08:42:01 PM

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...doesn't work. "Unsupported Operating System". Anyone know of a workaround? Maybe a registry tweak. Often this problem is the result of the installer doing an OS version check and not necessarily because the app just won't run on that (later) version.


Sorry, no workaround but I will release an update to accommodate Win8 this week.


Glad I read this - was about to update my media centre pc.
Have come to rely on the IceTv integration :-\


We've had a quick look at what's required and it wasn't as simple as we thought.

For starters, we need to release a separate build for Win8 as Media Center is built with .Net Framework Version 4 thus our application will also need to target that framework.

Given the current priorities with Interactive V4, this will have to wait a week or so.



Quote from: KevinCust on March 25, 2012, 10:46:06 PM
Glad I read this - was about to update my media centre pc.
Have come to rely on the IceTv integration :-\
I hear you. I use WMC all the time. Bad news is: Windows 8 will not ship with WMC. We will have to pay for it separately. Ditto for DVD playback. There will be a separate media pack for which we'll be charged a 'nominal' fee!


Actually not true, Windows Media Centre is now a separate download for FREE.

aka... I'm using it on this computer



Windows 8 will be RTM this week the last I read. Will be available to the general public in October.
So when will Ice support it.



We'll be resuming work on Interactive V4 shortly... we've been waiting for RTM.

Interactive V4 runs as a native plugin, not a windows desktop app, so it will be available via the Xbox extender.

We'll get out a beta version before end of the month, and target end of Sep for official release.

Sorry it's taken so long, not enough hours in the day. :(


Well I can't get Windows 8 till october 26 (last I read) as thats when the $40.00 professional (highest version and only one with Media Center as a seperate download) will be available on line in Australia till the end of January 2013.

Also with the $40.00 online Special Media Center will be a free download while the special price is running.
Also a retail box set will be available fo $70.00 from shops.



Hi Kevin -- you are on the IceTV team?
Hope you aren't waiting for the Oct 26th release of RTM. I think my family will kill me if IceTV is out of action for that long.

Win 8 RTM is up on MSDN Subscription server now.
If you don't have access I can send you a copy. The Win 8 install is free to distribute (its the keys that cost money). Win 8 install without a key should give you 30 days free access.


No not on the team just a user.
Will wait for the release in October as cant use Ice yet anyway.
I'm in no hurry to change as need to get a new graphics card as AMD have no Windows 8 drivers for my card as support has stopped.

I'd forgotten the Graphics needs changing so time to check up on prices etc.



Any Update on this?
Its been over a month now since last post.


We have ported our Interactive V3 to Win8 RTM.

We are having tuner driver issues under Win8 and cannot scan any channels in Media Center, so its not yet possible to perform a complete regression test.

That said, I'm happy to package this Win8 build and release as Beta if some of you want to get your hands on it early.

Let me know.