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IceTV Interactive Released
« on: January 03, 2012, 02:50:44 PM »
These are the list of changes since which are present in

* Added hard padding options
* Ensure a full sync is performed daily
* Improved handling of EPG updates
* Improved handling of startup options
* Improved the way network outages are handled
* Maximum logfile size has been reduced to 2MB so it is not truncated when submitted to our support system
* Log viewer displays log entries from the beginning of the logfile, rather than from when the application started
* Allow the ability to defer the processing of timers until the next Sync cycle if it is not found in the EPG
* Tidied up the logging

Thanks to tvmandan, cuddon, vincentp, Mozi, Parki, A_G, melmac, zoszos68, jaebee and Vidlan for their valued feedback. (I hope I haven't missed anyone!)

Our Windows 7 client development is still ongoing, as we work towards Version 4.0 - a native Media Center Plugin - with many more features and content, so if you have any suggestions please visit this topic:


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