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Started by jaebee, December 30, 2011, 11:38:14 AM

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Hey All,

I'm having a weird problem with the guide in Win 7 MCE. I receive most of the guide but as it gets later in the week there are large chunks of information missing. For instance, I have the full guide from today through to Monday but all of Tuesday is missing and then I have part of Wednesday (only some channels have info).

I've tried doing a manual sync and kicking off the MCE re-index task but it doens't make any difference. Anyone got any suggestions for anything else I can try?



Hi Jaebee,

Are the gaps you are seeing "No Data Available" or "Unknown"?

Sometimes the Media Center EPG grid does not visually update unless you exit back to the main menu then select "TV > Guide" again. Can you confirm whether or not the problem still exists after you perform an manual sync followed by going out of the EPG then back in again?

Kind Regards,


Hi Luke,

The gaps are showing as "No Data Available". I exit out of MCE to the desktop to kick off the manual sync in Interactive, leave it for a while then go back into the guide in MCE.

Thanks for the reply.




Hi Joe,

Can you right click the channel, then select "Edit Channel > Edit Listings" and re-select the channel name with "-IceTV" on the end (even if MC says it's already selected). If you make the selection and MC prompts you to "Merge channel xx with channel yy" or "Copy listings from channel xx to channel yy" then choose the "Copy Listings" option. If the channel name with "-IceTV" on the end isn't in the list, select the non-IceTV channel, Save, then go back and select the channel again with "-IceTV" on the end.