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Started by niccas, August 29, 2006, 06:51:21 PM

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When I have the Update Frequecy set to Every Hour it is updating Every Minute. Every 4 hours seems to work fine - but I would prefer every hour and i don't want every minute. Is this a bug or any ideas how to fix? Thank you.


I am not really replying, but just want to note that I am having the same problem now.  The difference being, I can't see any setting where I can change the frequency.  There is only the choice of "automatic" or "never" .  I've been told that the frequency should be 15 minutes and asked to uninstall Ice Interactive and Iceguide4, which I did - nothing's changed.  I'm not sure if it matters, perhaps I should just not worry about it, but surely it can't be good?  I note that the OP never got a reply from anyone.  I also discovered that there was a similar thing happening with the beta version for the Win7 MC. 

Just thought I'd mention, a friend suggested that I try setting it to "never" closing it, then setting it to "automatic" again.  Didn't help
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Hi Judy,

I am not sure what device or recorder the OP had (back in 2006 it may have been an icebox), as I can't think of any that have a choice of 1hr or 4hr.

Updating continuously can be caused by network dropouts or other network issues preventing the expected data being delivered. If WinXP MCE requests the guide data but never gets all of it it will ask again, and again, and again...

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