IceTV guide problem - some channels not showing in the guide

Started by kreategirl, September 17, 2011, 07:08:09 PM

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In the EyeTV Program Guide, not all the channels are showing. The main channels are listed (ABC1, SBS etc) however Go! GEM, 7Mate etc are not coming up in the guide. Does anyone know why this might be?
Im using a Mac with EyeTv version 3.5.2.


Hi kreategirl,

It would help if you told us what tuner hardware you are using.

Do the channels show in the "Channels" window?

If no, try running another scan.

If yes, look in the "EPG" column of the "Channels" window.  Do the dodgy channels show "IceTV"?

If no, click on the drop-down (which may say "none" or "DVB-T") and select "IceTV", then select the correct channel from the dialog that pops up.

If yes, do the above anyway.  I've seen situations where EyeTV thinks it's using IceTV for that channel but doesn't get the guide until it's reminded.