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Weird happenings
« on: July 16, 2011, 07:28:23 PM »
I've been meaning to ask about this for weeks.  I doubt that IceTV is to blame for this one, but I am perturbed.  I have both Kingdom and The Great Food Truck Race set to tape (first run only),  Each week, both gets a timer set up.  As I know that Kingdom is a repeat, I cancel the timer (in TED)  The timer gets canceled the next day as it should, but so does The Great Food Truck Race along with it.  There is no reason given for it in TEDS, in fact, the log doesn't seem to be aware of it having been canceled
- Search String: Kingdom  Rating: 2  Options: Exact Match  Filters: Channel Non-HD  Repeat   
  Matched on: Kingdom
  Rejected by: Excluded from Favourites Search 

- Search String: The Great Food Truck Race  Rating: D  Filters: Channel ABC2   
  Matched on: The Great Food Truck Race

It is not a huge problem, I have only seen one episode of this, and then forgot about it each week.  I just happened to see an ad for (seemingly) the last episode tonight, which reminded me to write about it.  Anyone has any idea how/why this would happen?
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