Some scheduled recordings being missed

Started by brettski1977, March 02, 2011, 11:06:37 PM

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I've noticed that some of the series shows that I've scheduled to record don't get scheduled within EyeTV, but if I go check in IceTV on the iPhone app, I can see that the expected shows are listed. EyeTV will sometimes schedule recordings from the same show later in the week, but be missing the episodes that are running in the next day or so. Is anyone else seeing this issue? Is this a problem with IceTV or EyeTV?


I'm also experiencing this issue. It's very difficult to know the source of the problem.
I find remote scheduling frustratingly inconsistent. It works well for a while, then stops working.
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Thanks for replying ... it's always nice to know you're not alone in these things. Hopefully someone has a fix for us.


I'm having the same issue.  I've just moved house and got internet reconnected, and now a number of schedules are just not coming through.  Would love to know why...


FYI, I completely removed EyeTV with their uninstaller and started fresh, but had the same problem occur, so I'd guess there is a problem with the way IceTV is communicating with EyeTV rather than a local install corruption issue. My next test was to remove one if the problematic shows from the IceTV series record and then re-add it. After a manual sync it still wasn't working, but the next day it started to and has now added all the previously missing schedules.

I also logged a support ticket with IceTV directly and which they responded to at pretty much the same time I did the second test, so I'm not sure if they did anything in the background (they didn't say they did). I'll keep an eye on it and see how it behaves over the next couple of weeks.


Yep, I have much the same issue - it's pretty much a lucky dip, will the show be recorded or not??? 

All up, must admit I'm pretty unimpressed with the whole IceTV thing.

For example I set a series recording on 'Sons of Anarchy', which started this week. First ep at 9:30 did not record, but second ep at 10:30 recorded twice - once with the correct 'Sons of Anarchy' name and once as 'Sports Tonight', so now I have two copies of episode two, but missed the pilot so have no idea what is going on.

I setup the recording via the IceTv site about a week before the show started, so no issues with time to update.

Really annoying. Really really annoying...


I've had success with fixing this problem by removing all the scheduled series and then re-adding them. One email I received from IceTV support indicated that they could see the data was being grabbed correctly (which presumably means they can see when it's not being grabbed correctly .. just speculation). Unfortunately it started playing up a month or two later and IceTV's response this time was to remove scheduled programs and re-add as "You can also try and delete the serie recordings then re-add them back in. This usually does the trick for you.".

So, looks like it's a known ongoing issue that crops up from time to time and if you don't notice it you miss out on your recordings. Bit of a pain, so hopefully IceTV will look into fixing it.