Academy Awards scheduling fail

Started by Neon Kitten, February 25, 2011, 11:11:18 AM

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Neon Kitten

Every year, I've admired the way that the Oscars just get scheduled for me by IceTV because I set it as a series record :)

Just looked at my timers now on my Beyonwiz, however, and I have a timer set on Monday for the Academy Awards Red Carpet, with a 30 minute run time.

I don't want the red carpet, I want the awards, and if I hadn't noticed it by chance, I'd have had a big illegal download to do ;)

Please fix.

Madeleine IceGuide


There are two distinct episode names, one for the red carpet hoopla and one for the ceremony itself. Since the episode titles are unique a series recording for Annual Academy Awards will grab both.

It sounds like you may have set up your series recording with an episode restriction on it. If you change this to "all" then it will fix this problem (and "first run" will make sure you don't double up by getting the primetime repeat).

Hope this helps

Daniel Drysdale at IceTV

I checked your account and you have the series recording set to limit the number of shows to "1 per day", if you change the limit to "Record All" it will record both the "Red carpet" and the actual awards ceremony.

If you only want the awards you can, once you have adjusted the series recording, select the "Red Carpet" episode in "My Week" and cancel just that recording.

Software Manager @ IceTV

Neon Kitten

Thanks for the clarification; all fixed now.

In previous years, though, the "red carpet" show has been listed separately - it must have been, because I got the Awards but not the Red Carpet. Which is the way I like it :)