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Started by mark_wiese, April 20, 2007, 02:07:25 PM

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I am very impressed with the quality of the service offered by IceTV, but unfortunately the regional guide coverage is inadequate. I love in Bordertown in regional SA and although IceTV recommends that I use Adelaide 9, and Adelaide 10 to substitute for Win SA, and Win 10, they are actually quite different, and often have a completely different program showing than what was stated in the guide.

I really can't justify paying for a service that does not cater to my area. After all, we only receive 3 free to air channels in Bordertown, how hard can it be to get those right? Other than that issue, the service is great, which only makes it all the more disappointing that I can't get my channels.

Mitch IceGuide

Appreciate your comments on the service. There are a number of regions still not covered by the IceGuide. QLD Regional areas only recently received any service at all, still leaving Regional VIC, SA and WA. Bear with us. How hard can it be? Too long an answer, but trust it doesn't happen as easily as you might think.


I have two concerns regarding the use of Central Coast data for the rest of Northern NSW.

There are a number of significant differences between what airs in Newcastle & the Central Coast to what airs in the rest of the area, including Local News and AFL Coverage and secondly, I have no need for the information regarding the Sydney based channels - having to download that seems to me to be wasteful.

I'm trialling the service at the moment, but given these two I find it difficult to justify subscribing...

Mitch IceGuide

Firstly, the set of Guides for the Central Coast and Newcastle are exactly that. For those areas. We have not claimed that anyone, anywhere in NSW will get 100% joy from them. Only those in that area. We are aware that Coffs, Lismore etc etc breakaway for their local News, football etc. Over a 24/7 time span it's still quite a minor % of the schedule though. In an ideal world, we'd create a region called NSW (or whatever state), list all possible channels available, and let subsribers 'cherry-pick' the ones they require. Unfortunately the various boxes and PC based systems don't all work the same. Some would handle this, some wouldn't. We have to find a method all can receive. So, to cater for Lismore (as an example), a whole new region must be created. Right now, there simply are not the resources to do this. Hopefully in the next 12 months there will be. In the meantime, I'd understand if using the Central Coast Guide was too frustrating for you. Many find it is still particularly useful though. Thanks.


I was going to start a new thread but seeing my complaint is basically the same as Bacco007 - I will just bump it here with the question...

Any chance of having a look at a Nth NSW region? Surely it cant be that difficult if the % difference is so small.


Just another bump to let you know I am still waiting here with money in hand for you to create a Coffs local guide.  :(

Mitch IceGuide

Let me know the major differences between Central Coast IceTV Guide and what goes to air in Coffs please. I know NBN isn't officially a part of that region, but what is missing apart from some local news time differences? Are you seeing some Gold Coast channels?


The Prime local news and NBN news are the major differences (ie every night).  The frustrating differences are those which crop up from time to time - particularly on NBN - where local programming replaces the Nine timetable.