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Started by jbessell, March 28, 2010, 04:55:25 PM

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I have just installed Eye TV netstream which was easy to set up and get working, except...
With Eye TV 3.3.2 I cannot do anything to get IceTV programming guide to download (server request refused, etc, etc).
Furthermore, the only channels installed on the scanning setup process are SBS.

I used EyeTV/Ice TV before several years ago and it worked well, but this is a disaster.

I have re-tried running thru setup process again, and clearing EPG database with no luck

Do you have any suggestions?



not sure if you had an answer to your question but I have the same device & the icetv works on media centre not the eye tv software.


I had a similar problem.  Might be you need to contact IceTV support to get your account set up properly.  Previous accounts aren't automatically credited with 3 month trial subscription, so their server won't update your guide.




I bought a netstream a few years back. After having run 3 Diversety USB  tuners on 3 different Macs with no problems whatsoever, whether programming, scheduling, recording,,,flawless. UNTIL....

I thought I would try the Netstream, nothing but hassles. it has sat  on the shelf for 2 years until today
when I decided to give it another shot. I hate things sitting around doing nothing.
I am running an iMac and a Mini as a HTPC, both running Snow Leopard (Macs equivalent of XP in my opinion, and flawless,...MY OPINION ) EyeTV software is up to date on both. I discovered that I could leave
both machines registered with icetv after configuring the netstream. A bit more fluffing around.....
Sorry people, I am rambling here, I am listening to Cold Chisel "Let's Go Get Stoned" and might be getting there....
Suffice to say I think I now have this thing set up correctly, Diversity tuners are great and I highly recommend them, but if this Netstream now works it will be more convenient.

Oh,yeah, one other thing, the unit was running very hot after only a short time and I found a way to fix this,...I place the unit on 3 stacks of 4 10 cent coins. It allows airflow and also acts as heat sink.
hey use whatever coinage you have, all the same ,..hope this helps some one,..I have other fixes for issues with this gadget, but I really must now "Go GeT Stoned"