Here we go again - why is the year in the tennis title?

Started by BigMick, January 18, 2010, 08:30:50 PM

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Hi Guys,

The year is back in the title of the tennis: Australian Open 2010

This issue of putting the year in sports event titles has been raised before here:
and here:
and I'm sure in other threads too.

The only reason I have an ice subscription (over using broadcast EPG) is to enable series recording on my media center. If you put the year in the show title this spoils a key feature of series recording - it will not automatically pick up a new series when it starts - i have to manually setup a new series every year.

I don't understand why this continues to be a problem? The previous suggestions were to put the year in the subtitle and I like this idea.


Mitch IceGuide

Hi. Since the issue was raised, sporting events, awards events etc etc have not had the year added for the very reasons you have pointed out. The 2010 Australian Tennis Open was noticed too late to change. Too many had already marked for record to alter the main title. Rest assured the instances will be few and far between ... hopefully never again. Thanks for pointing it out.