Win 7 Ice-TV Beta Works Well

Started by ufpcs, October 26, 2009, 05:00:43 PM

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Have just installed Ice-TV EPG for Win 7 Beta today (26-10-2009 am). We have a complete new system running Win 7 64 BIT
All is running just great, we can do everything that we normally do without any problem. Will post again if there is a problem.
System SPEC:
AMD X2 250 CPU, 8gig DDR2 RAM, 320 SATA Primary, 1.0tb SATA Secondary, SATA Blue RAY, ATI Intagrated Graphics & Win 7 Prem 64bit.


Running 32bit Windows 7 - everythings works much better than Vista. Very stable and worked out of the box.