Author Topic: Experiences with new WiFi Network Bridge  (Read 3558 times)

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Experiences with new WiFi Network Bridge
« on: April 06, 2006, 09:33:19 AM »

Decided to take the plunge and order the new Network Bridge (ASUS WL500GDelux) after reading some posts on the topfield forum indicating support for WPA and ability to connect my xbox.

After about 30 minutes had verified:
1. Wireless connectivity: WPA-PSK, TKIP to a Netgear WPN824, SSid hidden - no problems.
2. Able to transfer files Topfield -> PC (using FileZilla FTP client).
3. X-box (XBMC) connected and accessible via FTP.

Early days - but hapy so far - will try some large file transfers on the wekend.

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Re: Experiences with new WiFi Network Bridge
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2006, 06:23:25 PM »
If you grab Ooba from XBMCscripts, you can easily watch video streamed directly off the Internet on your Xbox. The Xbox / Toppy / IceBox2 setup I have here is easily fast enough even with WPA-PSK/TKIP to stream movie trailers.

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