Success -- ICE Guide DL via MacTF-EPG!

Started by CEH, December 13, 2005, 05:20:24 PM

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I am an IceTV user with an iMac G5 and a Topfield TF5000PVRt.  My Toppy is too far from the iMac to use USB (even extended), so I have been using an old notebook running Windows 2000 as the host for the IceTV download and upload to the Toppy.  This is buggy and often fails due to lost notebook-Toppy USB connection etc.  I plan to eventually move to using a Mac, e.g., a Mac Mini, as a media server colocated with the Toppy and other entertainment gear.

I have read in these forums and also the Toppy ones other queries about Mac versions of IceTV's utilities or other means of downloading the IceTV guide, and seen mention of Nathan Oates Mac utilities for Topfield:  MacTF, MacTF-EPG and Tofi (see  But no post I've seen says that MacTF-EPG can successfully download IceTV guide data.  Well, I've just done it! The steps were:

MacTF-EPG proceeded to download 7 days files, and then converted them to TGD.  I havn't been able to try uploading the data to the Toppy yet, but I can use MacTF-EPG's features to inspect program listings, including program channel, date, start-stop times, duration, title and, by clicking on an individual listing, see subtitle, category and episode description.

So, the main obstacle I had seen to using a totally Mac soltution has disappeared!  Thanks and congratulations to Nathan.


Afraid I've had it pointed out to me that where I entered the IceTV guide url is actually for a proxy server - I overlooked the label which said that.  So all I actually did was to retrieve the free EPG data from the usual MacTF-EPG source!  Sorry if I raised any false hopes.