I can't record on both HD tuners via Interactive anymore!

Started by optimistic, June 29, 2009, 01:02:42 PM

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For some reason my 7100 is not recording on both its HD tuners anymore when I set up a recording via IceTV...

Last night I had it set to record 2 channels: SBS HD and Ten at around the same time via IceTV interactive. The show on SBS HD started first and so did the recording (like it normally would) but as soon as the show on Ten started the 7100 stopped recording SBS HD and switched to recording channel Ten only instead of using both of its HD tuners to record both shows like it should!

It used to work fine for me before, only recently I've noticed its started to do this. I've been running the latest firmware: 20090317.upd (V1.00.47) and manual recording on both HD tuners works fine!

Has anyone else experienced something like this? I'm thinking that I should just do a firmware restore or reload the firmware completely from a USB stick and see if that fixes the issue, unless there is something else I can try?