Author Topic: My Recording has a mind of its own - Please help  (Read 2811 times)

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My Recording has a mind of its own - Please help
« on: April 28, 2008, 10:46:47 PM »
I'm trialling the IceTV service and not sure if I should proceed with a purchase.

I have Vista MCE with 2 HD Tuners (1 external USB2.0 and one internal PCI) I have set 10 minute pre and post padding.

Tonight I got called into work, so logged on to Ice Remote from work and scheduled the following:

6:00pm - Friends - Ten
6:30pm - Neighbours - Ten HD
7:00pm - Big Brother - Ten HD <-- This appeared spontaneously in my schedulings but thought id record it anyway.
7:30pm - Border Security - Seven HD
8:30pm - Sea Patrol - Nine HD

Now, what I have come home to is:

Friends - Seems ok
Neighbours - Seems ok
Big Brother - No padding, started just on time, only recorded 1:41 of the 2h show. Then there is another file of 25 mins which picks up 5 mins after the other one cut out. Goes for 20 mins and has 5 mins of Good News Week.
Border Security - Seems ok
Now the weirdest of them all:
Sea Patrol (which happens to be my fav) - Has 20 mins of pre padding into some nature show. Then has 5 minutes of Sea Patrol then stops. Then there is another file which starts about 5 mins after the other one stopped and records the rest of the show. No post padding, stops right on the credits.

Why is it stopping and cutting shows in two, with a shit load of unwanted padding? I asked my cousin who watched the same shows and he said they started on time

Regarding the spontaneous Big Brother recording, I had some others spontaneously appear too such as "Nine Presents: Michael Jackson". What is causing this?

I have other problems with the Scheduling interface on the Ice website, but i'll keep troubleshooting for a bit longer to get a better diagnosis.

THanks for any help...


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