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It's a decision made out of necessity as Humax has left the PVR business and Beyonwiz are receding so we decided, maybe a few years too late, to try to become as hardware agnostic as possible. Either via BYOB or possibly easily available and cost competitive "IceTV" miniPCs. Also, to say the expensive Skippa debacle has made me very wary of any specific PVR manufacturer would be an understatement!
Hi prl, yes
I should have been more accurate in my comment saying that it will work on any hardware running Enigma2 firmware as do the T, U and V series Beyonwiz PVRs.
Hi Mingus,

The current Beyonwiz "V2" uses an external USB hard drive which can be purchased cheaply from Officeworks etc.  They are roughly the size of a small mobile phone and are fairly invisible behind the PVR case.

It is important that the external HDD is reformatted by the V2 in its initial setup.

IceTV is also working on two options:

1) An IceTV "plugin" that will work on any "Enigma2" PVR which is the underlying hardware for the Beyonwiz PVRs so alternatives can be sourced from us.  It will initially be a 2 tuner with internal 1TB HDD, but supply is held up due to the global supply issues until at least August.

2) We are about 4 months away from a BYOB (bring your own box) IceTV app that will give all IceTV functionality to a PC, Raspberry Pi or MiniPC running Linux.  We will supply the app, tuners and remote control.
Maybe but periodic reboots are necessary so it would have been a useful reason for one.
Without wishing to erode our Sunday afternoons with this I can assure you it is in my Sydney FTA EPG as well as a cross check with Foxtel and yourTV
IceTV EPG Content / Re: First Dates
April 21, 2022, 12:48:33 PM
Can you tell me your region and DM me with your IceTV identity as I can't find you via the forum ID or your name.  I can find it on our IceTV TV Guide Sydney TEN at 9:40 tomorrow ep8.
IceTV EPG Content / Re: Repeats....
April 20, 2022, 03:43:17 PM
If you put all the text in capitals I'd consider it to be screaming!! Please do as I ask and don't use capitals unless they are necessary within the usual rules of grammar and punctuation.

My staff work very hard to correct the variable accuracy of data we receive from the networks, as do our technical staff regarding the functionality of the forum and our various software services, so to have a capitalised word related to an error shoved in their face in an unnecessary unpleasantness.

If you are unsure as to when to use them the following article is an excellent reference:
IceTV EPG Content / Re: Repeats....
April 19, 2022, 10:27:14 PM
Nice to have a "Thankyou" but why did you put the word "NOT" in capitals as it is considered shouting in forum communications (or any other internet interactions be it email etc)?  We could have read the comment and understood the implied error without any rudeness.
IceTV EPG Content / Re: New shows
April 07, 2022, 02:21:06 PM
Use Keyword Favourites as I suggested as this is exactly what they are for. We will not clutter up the New Series list with a smorgasbord of topics that have specific user groups.
IceTV EPG Content / Re: New shows
April 06, 2022, 08:03:06 PM

It's actually "New Series".  We always intended the "New Series list" to be a selection chosen by us, not every single new series, coming or having just aired in the past week, on every channel in Australia.  You say "multiple people" but how many is that as the more we shove into the list the less people will read all through it as it will become unwieldy, hence we decided on a selection, not every one.  My advice is to ensure you are alerted to a "Motorsport" xxxx series or single episode by using it as a keyword favourite, just as you use favourites, but keyword rather than series title specific, then you'll see every one and can choose which ones to set to record.
The comment "Laugh" is rude and my company does not need you to tell us how to audit our "morning checks".

I don't believe you have the faintest idea of the size of the job to manually cross check individual shows across every region in Australia whilst being subject of unreliable data from the broadcasters. You may well pick on one error that we miss as it effects you so you are aware of it but you are one of thousands of customers of which the vast majority have no issues as they don't watch that specific show.  Check "Wheeler Dealers" against our "Most Popular" ranking on our website or app to see how far down it lists and ask yourself where we have to expend our time chasing anomalies, which are limited by the size of the company staff and affordable hours to be worked.

If we say that we need to enable logging on your PVR it means that the error is not found elsewhere so we are cross checking to get to its source.  Be pleased we invest the time to do so.
Should be ok now
IceTV EPG Content / Re: Hard Quiz - not a repeat
March 10, 2022, 10:50:23 PM
Hi Michael,

It does frustrate us and costs too much wasted time trying to achieve 100% accuracy which we realise PVRs need to be reliable recorders, which is virtually impossible with the challenge of "garbage in - garbage out" of EPG data which haunts us every day.
IceTV EPG Content / Ensure correct time zone
March 09, 2022, 05:19:04 PM
Top left arrow, choose "look and layout", select your Australian time zone, go to very bottom and click/tap on "change layout".

None of that is obvious!
IceTV EPG Content / Please ignore this is a test
March 09, 2022, 03:54:57 PM
Test Test