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Smart Recording on Android / Subscription required?
August 31, 2020, 09:45:47 AM
Just checking if a subscription is required to view the EPG on the android app? I have cancelled the subscription as we need to tighten our belts due to loss of income. We are now using the T4 autotimer function. I seem to recall that the guide was free to use for anyone but since cancelling our payment subscription, the guide is no longer updating on the app. I have removed the recorder from the account via the web log in, tried signing out of the app, and uninstalling and re-installing the app again but it won't update.
So all of our recordings from last night are an hour late and we've missed all but the last 15 minutes due to our post padding. We are in Qld so our time hasn't changed, why has this resulted in missing our timers?
Hello, I have had a few instances now of a failed timer which we have no recollection of setting. Also, the TV show doesn't even appear in the guide at all:

Manage this recording
Show Name:   Top Property
Channel:   31 Digital
Time:   2017-Jul-01 08:30:00
Duration:   30
Device Label:   Beyonwiz T4
Device Type:   Beyonwiz T4
Message from recorder:   No matching service
Last Updated:   2017-06-28 20:09:31
Manage this recording
Show Name:   Top Property
Channel:   31 Digital
Time:   2017-Jul-03 09:00:00
Duration:   30
Device Label:   Beyonwiz T4
Device Type:   Beyonwiz T4
Message from recorder:   No matching service
Last Updated:   2017-06-28 20:09:31

User name is EAFnKEZ

Anyone know what would cause that?
I have just noticed that the first show of any new day only on ABC HD is suddenly appearing in my list to be sent to the PVR. If I delete them, they comeback again. This isn't being set by keyword recording, user name is EAFnKEZ if the ICE folk could please take a look. I was just making some changes to some timers at the time, but didn't do anything that should cause this.
Beyonwiz / Missing recordings - timer log
May 28, 2017, 09:10:13 AM
Hi all, I have a T4 connected to ICE which works great when it is working. However, lately there are recordings that just go missing randomly. The missing timers are not in the list of completed recordings in the T4 and they are't sitting there waiting past the record date.

For example, a few weeks ago, the movie John Wick was on, I set it to record a one time only. The date and time passed, the movie did not record and it wasn't in the list of waiting or completed timers. The same thing happened again on Friday night with the Graham Norton Show which was a single recording.

I have verified that these timers are synced in the ICE TV app prior to the date, is there a viewable log to see what happened, why the ICE server has "chosen" to remove it or whether the T4 has done it etc? I recently deleted the ICE guide from the T4, reset it all from scratch but continue to have missed recordings.
Hi, there have been two episodes of Agent Carter each week but this is now the second time that the first episode hasnt recorded. Has it been inadvertently flagged as a repeat? We are in Toowoomba Qld region.
Beyonwiz / 7Flix not working
February 28, 2016, 09:57:21 AM
I have tried doing all the steps in the previous post but I still have this issue. 7Flix info is in the guide but not in the EPG on the T4 and all recording attempts on this channel fail. I have tried so far:

Disabling ICETV plugin
ENabling ICETV plugin
Resyncing EPG data
Setting account to send to PVR as ALL as well as 66 (which is the channel it is on here in Toowoomba).
Rebooted T4

In the EPG, 7Flix is always empty. Is there anything else I need to do?
Beyonwiz / Missed the Skippa, looking for replacement
October 19, 2015, 10:31:04 AM
We were one of those who missed out on the Skippa and so am now looking for a suitable replacement. We have a DP LIte at the moment but are looking for an upgrade with more tuners. I am looking at T3 or T4, they both look really good on "paper" so to speak. What are others thoughts on them, is the T4 worth the extra $$$ based on what we want out of a PVR? These things are important:

1. 3 or 4 tuners, preferably 4 (Refurb T3 comes with USB for free so takes it to 4).
2. 1TB HDD.
3. ICE TV compatible.
4. Streaming to Tablet/Laptop etc.
5. Configurable time skipping forward and back.
6. Key word and series recording (Just in case ICE TV does finally cease to exist)

Both units seem to do these, the T4 looks to have more processing power, higher number of channels recording and upscaling but I can't see us needing those but feel free to try and try and convince me. :P
Beyonwiz / Red dots turn to red donuts
November 13, 2013, 01:12:42 PM
Hi all

We have a Beyonwiz DP-Lite which works well most of the time. We have a strange situation where the programs we have set for the week will all send the timer through perfectly and the weeks shows are all showing red circles. a day or so later I will check the ICE app or website and some random shows will have changed from red circles to red donuts. I have checked the timer list on the PVR and those shows are no longer in the timer list. No amount of resyncing the device works, the only way to get it to resend the timers is to delete them and set them up again from scratch. This kind of defeats the purpose of using ICE TV, so hoping someone has a suggestion on this issue?

Example is tonight MARVELS agents of SHIELD was set to record but has now changed to the red donut in the list. I recently updated to the PVR firmware to the latest 01.07.351 from the Beyonwiz site to see if it would fix this issue but it is still happening.

I have an issue where any program I select from the guide to record that is on SBS HD comes back with a failed to record issue. I can record these programs on SBS One but won't work on the HD channel. Has anyone else encountered this?