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Title: Air Crash Investigations 7TWO 16-03-16 - Wrong content description?
Post by: IanL-S on March 18, 2016, 07:01:37 AM
I thought there was something peculiar with the subject description for this in the EPG, text below:

Air Crash Investigations [R] 7TWO (G)

Mayday: Collision Course (2000 - Express Samina Ferry)

In the year 2000, 80 people died when a MS Express Samina became a victim of rough seas, sharp rocks and the worst kind of human error. (Canada, English)

Looked at the recording and the content description was correct, program name was wrong. The interesting thing is that 7Two thought they were transmitting an episode of Air Crash Investigations, there were pop-up say the the 'now' program was Air Crash Investigations. So, not an error by IceTV (according to 7Two).