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WTV Perth

Started by chrisb, March 16, 2010, 05:03:13 PM

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Tivo now has WTV guides.

Matt at IceTV

Hi Chris,

I will try touching base again with WTV to see if we can add their listings to our EPG service. Hopefully we will get a more positive response from them. Especially as they are now obviously supplying TiVo with basically the same data we would require in order for IceTV members like yourself, to easily record their shows.


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IceTV Pty
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Thanks Matt. I was just checking WTV's guide on another TV Website and thought i'd pop in and say Hi before going through the pain of a manual timer ;)

On the bright side, this is making me appreciate Ice more. :)



How's it going Ice? :)


Kinda hoping when I re-scan tommorow to get the new ABC News 24 channel that I might find WTV perth there as well ..... hopefully ?? sigh call me a hopeless optimist :-\


This is from the WTV facebook page, so hopefully not long now

WTV UPDATE: An agreement has been made between WTV and IceTV. We look forward to working with Ice TV long into the future.
about 2 weeks ago

rgds Damon


Maybe someone from Ice can email me when something fun is on WestTV :)


Hi Ice People. :) How's WestTV going? :)