PVR randomly rebooting

Started by DrewBytes, February 03, 2013, 10:22:06 AM

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My unit has in the last couple of days started randomly rebooting. I've been timing it, and it ranges from 30 odd minutes to several hours max before it reboots.

It's very annoying as any program being recorded is lost when it reboots.

I've done a factory reset and reloaded current firmware and it's still doing it.

It's out of warranty so if I can't get it sorted I'm going to have to buy a new unit, probably not a toppy this time :(

Any ideas?


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After a lot of mucking around got this fixed. I found a post on another forum that helped me fix it. All I did was remove all duplicate channels in the PVR (one was there 3 times and another twice), then set the channel mappings on the ice tv website to match that on the PVR. That fixed it, no more rebooting.

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