Tasmanian Changes Needed

Started by ando9185, September 27, 2010, 05:37:12 PM

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I have already lodged a support request but have not heard anything further since going through the "rescan to check your equipment tests".

The list of channels available for Tasmania does not include GEM, which is available in every other region except for Darwin (who may also be in the same position as us, receiving the channel but not guide for it),

We still have listed WIN HD and the programming data for WIN SD copied to it. If I want the guide for GEM I have to resort to turning off ICE Guide completely which means I can't set my timers or anything remotely. This is happening on all devices, Beyonwiz, EyeTV, iPhone app, Dashboard app and the website. The channel is not there.

Also, some other changes coming up, 7mate will commence in Tasmania after the Commonwealth Games and also during the Commonwealth Games, Southern Cross HD service will become SD and will be taking their regular Channel 7 programming. LCN 6 (the normal Southern Cross) will be taking the Commonwealth Games broadcasting alongside SC analogue, TDT SD and One HD.

Mitch IceGuide

You should see GEM where WIN-HD was. Try another update thanks.


Hey Mitch, thanks for that, have checked through my account and on the iPhone app and now have the data. Thanks for whatever you did.