Fisk confusion

Started by raymondjpg, March 18, 2021, 02:48:21 PM

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I recorded what I understood to be the first episode of a new series Fisk which aired Wed 17 March. The Beyonwiz T2 timer had the subtitle "Series 1, Episode 1".

There is another episode of Fisk scheduled for Fri 19 March in the T2 which is subtitled Portrait Of A Lady.

There is no entry for this Fri 19 March timer in My Week.

The XML guide updated 5.30 pm yesterday has an entry for the Fri 19 March screening with the subtitle Series 1, Episode 1, and marked as a REPEAT.

What are we to believe?

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GaiO IceTV

Hi raymondjpg
You correctly recorded first episode of Fisk on 17/3.  ABC changed the name of this episode to Portrait Of A Lady and the 19/3 airing should have been marked as a repeat (this has now been corrected).  Our system somehow did not recognise the name change.  Episode 2 is called Cremains Of The Day and is correctly showing new on 24/3 and repeated on 27/3 and 30/3.

Cheers Gai