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Started by Dazza, June 19, 2015, 05:18:01 PM

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I bought assuming free ice for life. Ice was and is a multi unit subscription from my understanding when I first subscribed. Hence I figured buying ice for life plus getting a 4 channel recorder was a good buy. Since then July has passed I have had another subscription charge taken out for ice for my top field, I have had no unit delivered even though I am in the first 1000, I have has very limited communication from ice updating.

If I bought ice for life with the unit why wait until you send it late before applying it, or is ice for life now limited to one unit, which was not explained or outlined in the terms I bought on.
Is an ice subscription per unit now?

I saw no annual fee for skipper function. Have the terms changed? when I had money taken out to buy this I understand that to be a contract. Somehow I am hearing of a 3 channel unit now not 4 as per my purchase agreement, I have not had any info from ice except a general late delivery email which keep getting extended. Am I getting what I paid for and therefore contracted to which is what was advertised for sale?

Not happy Mike now........


If you were indeed in the first 1000, you do have lifetime ad skip and lifetime ICETV FOR THAT UNIT, stressing again that it is life for THAT UNIT only, and is linked to the unit itself for the LIFE OF THAT UNIT.

I think you have interpreted it incorrectly.

It isn't LIFE ICETV... It's the use of ICETV on the SKIPPA for the life of the unit itself.

If you have a standalone subscription of ICETV, that IS INDEPENDENT to the SKIPPA. ICETV on the SKIPPA isn't a subscription, it's just always there for your SKIPPA whilst it's alive and working, linked to the unit itself as mentioned above.

If you still have other units in your household that you intend to use ICETV on, you will need to maintain the separate ICETV subscription. If you don't then ring support and ask them to cancel it and refund your standalone sub that just renewed, but remember the SKIPPA ICETV cannot be used with any other device in your household.



Also, the SKIPPA - and I'm not talking about previous comments to this unit, or previous discussions about an ICETV device or ICECUBE or anything else - I'm talking the SKIPPA - has always been a 3 dedicated tuner PVR capable of recording 6 shows at once.

It was clearly stated at the time you ordered it so it is not ICETV that got this incorrect, sadly it is you.

Go back and look at the promotion material.

Way back before SKIPPA was released, there was talk from ICETV of a 4 tuner PVR, but it nev eventuated. The SKIPPs has always been advertised as 3 tuners.


The comments above don't give rise to supporting or not supporting ICETV, I simply clarified the ops understanding of what was on offer for sale. It's also not in relation to the delivery of the device, that's why I commented. Anything to do with delivery, I'm not interested in commenting on any more, thus why I have tried to stay out of most of the pre delivery discussions, lately...

How you feel about ICETV is your choice but DO NOT drag me into it, I'm not interested in being involved in these discussions OR being dragged into them any more.


I am with warkus; I cannot see any relationship between the issues raised in this thread and the ongoing movable feast that is the delivery of Skippa to those who have paid for them.

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Well, I bought Skippa father an email that mentioned lifetime subs for the first 1000 orders.
Never was told if my order was not in the first 1000, so assumed all was good.
If I am charged, or expected to pay, for a service I have ordered off the back of an email then I will be off to consumer affairs in minutes.
They have had my money for months without fulfilling their promise of delivery. Ad now after reading this forum it appears the machine is not fulfilling the promise of ad skipping. Well hit and miss.
And now there seems to be confusion about what I have paid for?
There are laws that protect us in Australia.


Don't start beating on about your laws and stuff here, stick to the topic at hand and take that side of it up with IceTV directly, this isn't the place to go on about consumer laws.

If you purchased a unit in the first 1000, you will have paid $399 for it and you will not be charged anything beyond that for any subscriptions.

As for ad skip, it works very well as far as I'm concerned, I'm more than happy with it, I don't find it hit and miss at all. It's not perfect but it's pretty damm impressive as far as I'm concerned.



Sorry mate.
Didn't know that someone appointed you GOD.
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