Timers/reservations not deleted when late change to IceTV EPG data

Started by IanL-S, February 19, 2015, 10:14:38 AM

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Elsewhere I noted the late change by 1/12 for White Collar last night (http://forum.icetv.com.au/iceforum/icetv-epg-content/5/white-collar-1-or-12-wednesday-melbourne-late-change/4440/msg20781#new). I would have expected the Toppy to delete the timer, but it recorded on both Toppys. Not sure if this is an IceTV or Toppy problem.

Update: Apparently the IceTV EPG data was only updated 30 minutes before scheduled time, and as I have 15 minute pre-padding there was only a 15 minute interval within which the timers could be updated - the Toppy only checks for updates about every 15 minutes.

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