Daylight savings time

Started by Mantorok, October 30, 2005, 11:23:26 AM

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Since daylight savings started (in Victoria) my Ice EPG is now one hour out on all programmes.  I've got my Toppy set to Automatic time with an 11 hour time offset (was 10 hours prior to DST).

Any help to fix this would be appreciated


Same here....


Daniel Hall at IceTV

Hi Guys,

We are aware of the issue. At the moment it is looking like a problem with the swapover between 2 and 3 am today.

If you have allready changed the Topfield over to +11 GMT offset then the data from after midnight tonight will be correct, but today will be an hour out.



I live in Brisbane and strangely now find my guides 60mins out (earlier then expected). Eg. Mythbusters tomorrow SBS 19:30 now shows 18:30. I have double checked my time and run progressbar keys manual set time to verify it is doing GMT+10hrs and correct time. I have also checked my account on ICEtv to ensure the TZ is correct.

I have updated my iceguide TAP and TopField firmware for Masterpiece released Oct 2005.



Hi Daniel,

IceGuide EPG is now ok today as you said it would be.   :)