ABC ME middle of the day times wrong

Started by bobwm, August 13, 2020, 01:53:10 PM

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Throughout this week, the programmed times around midday on ABC ME in Sydney have been wrong.

Odd Squad was airing at 12pm, but IceTV's guide has shown it as 12.20 each day. It looks like the issue is resolved for Friday, but Monday-Thursday was wrong.

Does anyone know what might have gone wrong? The other guides I've seen seem to have shown the correct lineup.


GaiO IceTV

Hi Will,
Thanks for your note. I've had a look at this and it would appear that ABC Me changed their lineup after we had scheduled the shows.  I'm sorry you missed these. Unfortunately they did not provide us with any amendments.  Looking forward all is good for Odd Squad for the coming week at 12.00 noon.  I'll keep a lookout for any further changes to this program going forward.

Regards Gai