TV Guide looks like a mobile version today?

Started by Nighty, July 24, 2014, 01:11:16 PM

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Daniel, I don't like the way the Android (and iOS?) app does a bulk background sync and it has other annoyances (like how returning from a program synopsis from the search page always goes back to the start of the search list which is just infuriating) so I have always used the mobile view web app which has been quite good. However, with the new website it seems this is not supported anymore, or at least it looks very odd atm. What is the plan for this?


On the "coming soon" and " most popular" pages I have to manually select my recording device if I select a program to record... which is a bit redundant since I only have one device.

What's worse... I can actually click "Add recording" on the dialog without selecting a device and the dialog disappears!

Could you look at fixing up these usability issues? Thanks!