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Started by csutak40, April 06, 2016, 02:13:51 AM

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This is more out of curiosity than anything.  I'm just confused.

I still haven't quite retired my Toppy5k.  I am basically recording everything on it as well as the Beyonwiz, that way, I discover all the timers I haven't yet set up in the Wiz.   :P

Anyway, the 5K is not clever enough to change its own time, I have to do it manually - which I've done.  Then I discovered that all the programs that recorded on Sunday were an hour out.  No great loss, they were all on the Wiz  ;D   OTOH, because TED has died as well, I have to set timers manually as well, so I did end up with both episodes of ModernFamily - I had Scorpion, MF and OJ set to record as a block  ;D - (at first I worried that it may have been something that happened on IceTV, so that the Wiz will be out as well, but it wasn't)

I double checked that I had changed the time correctly and  I have.  It all came good the next day, without any adjustments on my part.  So, how is this possible?
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I retired my SD Toppy at least 6 years ago so I anything I knew about this is long lost.

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