2400 Not Updating Recordings....

Started by Ragdoll, February 20, 2013, 07:21:10 PM

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I've noticed recently that in order to get the recordings to update I have to do the whole search for channels, set the network & log back into IceTV routine. It will load the week's worth of recordings, but when the days pass (successfully), it doesn't update for the new days without the whole 'reboot' routine.
Shoudn't it update by itself from the My Week listings in my account?

Dave at IceTV

It should update itself every 15 minutes (for a 2400) while it is turned on. Not updating can be caused by IceTV sending too much data to the Topfield. The current solution is to disable any duplicate or unwanted channels in your IceTV account.

I have disabled the duplicate channels for you, which has removed 5 unneeded channels. You can see them in My Account here:

To prevent seeing blanks in the guide you can delete those extra channels from the Topfield, and untick them in Windows media center's settings.

If that does not solve it for you try disabling any channels that you don't watch.

Customer Service


Thanks for that. We'll see how it is by this time next week.

Fingers crossed.