Author Topic: The Whispers - weirdest program scheduling ever?  (Read 609 times)

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The Whispers - weirdest program scheduling ever?
« on: May 21, 2019, 02:29:23 PM »
The whole season of 13 1-hour episodes of The Whispers is being shown over a span of 5 1/2 hours split over 7mate, 7TWO & 7flix early tomorrow morning, 22 May.

7mate, 00:10-05:00 eps 1-5
7TWO 00:30-05:30 eps 6-10
7flix 01:30-03:30 eps 11-13

I can only assume that they are trying to force people to use PVRs to watch this series.  ::)

From the synopses, he series looks like a bit of a reworking of John Wyndham's The Midwich Cuckoos (made into a movie, twice, as Village of the Damned).

The scheduling isn't an IceTV error, shows the same lineup.
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