Author Topic: The Rifleman - tagged as a Movie so it shows up in emby and wmc as a movie but  (Read 723 times)

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On WTV Perth a 30 minute series is tagged as movie but it is not and it gets shown in emby and wmc as a movie. Imdb it is a series. Can it be please updated thank you

   <programme start="20160729173000 +0000" stop="20160729180000 +0000" channel="28">
      <title lang="en">The Rifleman</title>
      <desc lang="en">The adventures of a Wild West rancher who wields a customised rapid fire Winchester rifle. Stars: Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford, Paul Fix and more(United States, English)</desc>
         <actor>Chuck Connors</actor>
         <actor>Johnny Crawford</actor>
         <actor>Paul Fix</actor>
      <category lang="en">Family</category>
      <category lang="en">Movie</category>
      <language lang="en">English</language>
      <country lang="en">United States</country>
      <episode-num system="icetv">29248-0</episode-num>
      <previously-shown start="20110204"/>
      <rating system="">

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