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I'm frequently finding that IceTV is creating airdate based series and episode numbers, whenever an episode has 2 parts.  I  discussed this problem with Daniel way back in Jun 2019, and I think it was after this discussion that IceTV started doing this.  I have included an excerpt of that email discussion in italics below. 

On Jun 10 2019 at 11:47am Daniel wrote: I think there is definitely going to be an issue where the Australian broadcasters split an episode into two parts when it is not listed as two parts on TVDB, we might need to just hold off and not add the series and episode numbers for these and let it show up as the dates to ensure they both get recorded.

BUT, that discussion related to situations where a network would split the SAME episode over 2 different nights.
What I have been finding is that you also often do this whenr two consecutive episodes, with DISTINCT/different episode numbers in TVDB, have the same name, with parts 1 & 2 in the title.  For example, next Mon 16/3 in Sydney on ABC22, you have
The Office (US)
10/4/11Classy Christmas - Part 1

But in TVDB, this "Part1" episode has a distinct episode number S07E11 and "Part2" is S07E12.

Because you don't use these episode numbers, my Plex PVR records all of these airdate based episodes, even when I already have those episodes in my library.

Is there any way that you can refine your systems to only use the airdate episode naming where the different parts DON'T have their own distinct episode numbers?

Using Plex on QNAP NAS & NVidia Shield. In Sydney

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