Author Topic: Ch 10HD Melbourne. episode name, descriptions donít match intermittently.  (Read 498 times)

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Anyone seen some aberrations with 10hd timers
Last night at one stage i had 2 timers in my beyonwiz u4. et for Blue Bloods.
When I started to view the recording, I found that one was Law and Order SVU,  he second one was correct
Just now, I noticed a timer i had set for Graham Norton tonight at 8:35 10HD. had a different description to the show name.
Show name was Graham Norton, yet the description was for Have you been paying attention.
I deleted the timer in the beyonwiz, the went back to the ice server.
Found the have you been paying attention. entry, created a new timer for that and then pulled  a new EPg/timer load from the Ice from the Beyonwiz Ice menu system
Checked the ice log, it showed that a new timer for ďthe graham norton show had been created.
Back to the Epg and timers on the beyonwiz.  showed that ďhave you been paying attentionĒ timer and epg entry was have you been paying attention as It should have been fierce i had recreated a new timer for it

So the confusing part is that the log showed that it was a Graham Norton show that had been sent.

Think Iím  confused?  You bet.

So again, is anyone else seeing this issue.
At this moment it only appears to be 10HD.

BeyonWiz, T3

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