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« on: January 20, 2009, 12:14:01 AM »
Hello Forum Users...

I'm an EyeTV user on my Mac and I was just interested in knowing if anyone else uses a combination of the IceTV EPG and the DVB guide that gets "beamed" about...

For me...   ...Ch 1/2/3/7/10/22/33/70 are all set to IceTV...   ...While Ch 9/12/20/21/90 are set to the DVB...

As you can see...   ...currently Ch Nine is really the only one I fully use the DVB guide for...   ...I don't fully know the reasons for why Nine are such "poo poos" when it comes to their guides...   ...but hay...   ...not my place really...

Anyway... I was saying... you fully use only the IceTV EPG...   ...a mix of the two...   ...Or only the DVB guide...   ...(I know that if you did only use the DVB, there would be little chance you'd be reading this right now)...

I have sometimes noticed a bit of a difference between what IceTV have up and the DVB...   ...but then even Ch Nine's DVB can be wrong and they'll have one thing showing and something else listed...   ...(unless it's an EyeTV "update guide" thing)...

As a side note...   ...the iPhone app for remote scheduling will still record Ch Nine shows even if I've got it set to the DVB guide...   ...Which is great...

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