Author Topic: Description for "Flushed" (Melb guide) contains offensive inappropriate wording  (Read 951 times)

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The expression "smart-arsed" is offensive and inappropriate especially for a children's programme.  Also that entire sentence and the next is irrelevant anyway.  The real "smart-arse" here is the puerile idiot who types this sort of rubbish in the guide notes.  (This is the next broadcast time but this wording is in every broadcast of Flushed.)
Flushed , 7TWO, 7:30am, Mon, 17 Apr 2017, 30 minutes
You know that smart-arsed kid who always seems to know the answers - that nerd-in-the-making? That's the kid you need on the team to win this game. [ ... ] For kids from ages 9 to 12. ; Series, Australia, English, Children, Game Show.

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Hi Martin,

I understand what you are saying here, but I also appreciate the effort that the IceTV people go to with some definitely more apt descriptions of programme content.  Sometimes mistakes are made and this one has most likely been done without the potential children audience members being in mind.


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Dear Martin,

Many thanks for your forum post raising concerns about the term 'smart-arsed'. I referred the issue to our team of writers and the term has now been removed from the description.

Enjoy the rest of your Easter,


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