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Data wrong - AFL on Sunday
« on: April 23, 2007, 12:28:30 PM »
Early in the week, I was stumped as I was told that the WCE v Carlton game was on Foxtel where as Ice Guide had it on 7.  As I found out after further investigation, the WCE v Carl game WAS on Foxtel and the Dockers v Dees was on 7.  This still was not fixed in IceGuide at my last download Friday night.

This is very annoying, and there should be no excuses, as the TV guides on both Foxtel and Channel 7 had it right when I first checked early in the week.

Maybe less focus on the smart comments that accompanies the guide and more attention to getting it right.  Once the house is in order, might be room for some humor...

Can't blame the network schedulers or the AFL for this blunder.



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Re: Data wrong - AFL on Sunday
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2007, 12:56:55 PM »
Apologies for the confusion over the AFL game you wished to see. I assume you have Foxtel and so didn't miss it. As you know (or may not), there are quite a few games each weekend and depending on what state you're in, dertermines which game you'll see. Whilst we try our very best to get every game right, ,there is a 'danger' of human error. Without checking, I'd say this was such a case.

The 'smart remarks' are appreciated by many and not viewed as such. Rather, a refreshingly honest appraisal of many TV programs. Not the sterile version most guides present as a result of some unhealthy association with broadcasters or other agendas. The overwhelming majority of descriptions are 'straight' and I can assure you the 'smart remarks' don't consume valuable time for people who could be checking football games. I am an AFL fan and am disappointed at this error also. Hang in there and you'll find the benefits of being an IceGuide subscriber will far outweigh any potential disapppointments.

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