Author Topic: Bogus Unicode characters in description of MOVIE: Hunter: Back In Force  (Read 1945 times)

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This from the Melbourne XML feed:
Code: [Select]
<programme start="20080519030000 +0000" stop="20080519043000 +0000" channel="93">
                <title lang="en">MOVIE: Hunter: Back In Force</title>
                <desc lang="en">A cheesy police drama that resurrects the cast of an 80&#226;&#12268;&#12258;s cop show.

There seems to be a problem with those Unicode characters.  &#226; is lowercase a circumflex, and &#12268; and &#12258; are not Unicode characters at all (they are in the block for Kangxi Radicals, which seems unlikely).  Certainly not the apostrophe that you probably wanted.

I've added code to my IceTV-to-TF5000 converter to ignore those two non-characters, but it's still going to have the silly â in it.  (That's how the EyeTV guide displays it too.)

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Hi, thanks for pointing this out.  It's fixed now.  Our system usually handles them correctly, but occasionally a problem like this slips by where the conversion was done more than once, resulting in Unicode on top of Unicode.  :)


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