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ABC TV Content wrong again and again and again
« on: January 18, 2007, 01:36:03 PM »
It seems like I am the ABC nazi - but gee it really is frustrating...

The guide for Melbourne ABC says Little Robots is on at 8:55am - it has not been all week.. Never has, the show finished its run at the end of last week. It was replaced by a show called oobi.

Now the interesting thing here is that I noticed the problem last weekend, was about to report it, but thought Id do a guide update first - and voilla the OObi show was correctly listed - aha I thought, icetv were not really proactive, in fixing it until the last moment.

However, it subsequently disapeared, and the guide updates later in the week still show Little Robots.....

While not a big deal - as I just delete the Little Robots recordings that are not Little Robots... it highlights the concern of validating and sourcing the content provided yet again - without care or concern to do quality assurance. Errors like this occur fairly frequent - and it is of concern to what other errors occur that are not picked up. All this on the channel you that have an agreement with the provider to faithfully reproduce in the icetv guide. I can understand late changes - thats fine, but your agreement with ABC to faithfully reproduce the guide seems not to be held true, notification of the change in programs appears to have been lost, and the error repeats itself during the week.... What other ABC programming is wrong...

Dont get me wrong - its okay to error, learn from your mistakes, but take action / procedures to fix the problem so that error does not occur again.

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