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Keyword Search
« on: December 20, 2014, 10:13:19 AM »
Recently I asked the Android APP to record all episodes of "Breaking Bad" after the series had completed when there were no live episodes to select. In the process I created a keyword search. Now I find all sorts of stuff being set up to record based, presumably, on the fact that one of the keywords appears somewhere. Episodes of basketball, "Cops" etc etc.

How do I limit the keyword search to the title of the show I want?

I called the 1300 number to ask and was told to leave a message and I would be called back. Several days have passed and no call has happened.

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Re: Keyword Search
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2014, 12:26:24 AM »
Hi Mike,

From the website, you can always set a series recording for any show that IceTV knows about, whether it is still on or has ended for now. This is a better option than setting a keyword recording.

If you do set a keyword recording and it contains 2 or more words you should enclose the phrase in double quotes to prevent unexpected matches. For example breaking bad could match on a description containing: The kids were seen breaking in to local the shop but they weren't really bad kids. But entering the keyword as "breaking bad" ensures that those 2 words can only match if there is just a space between them.

Note: Searching on the phone apps with words enclosed by double quotes won't find anything as the phone apps will search for exactly what you typed.

Also note that never ever want to setup a keyword for a single word unless that word is an unusual name. A single word like cops would match 100s of shows while something like csi would only match a few shows. if you want to setup a keyword for a common word you'd want to force it to match the title with title:cops

The Preference Profile wizard on update website manages all of these extra options and settings automatically for you when you click on the "Add New Preference" button.

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