Author Topic: Humax 4Tune PVR comptability  (Read 1976 times)

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Humax 4Tune PVR comptability
« on: February 25, 2015, 06:24:36 AM »
Hi everyone - I'm going to splash-out a bit on a new PVR and was wondering if the Humax 4Tune PVR was IceTV ready. I think I saw listed on the site for sale through you guys and was wondering if it was still capable, and if it supports remote recording from the app? Cheers folks!
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Re: Humax 4Tune PVR comptability
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2015, 05:12:38 PM »
Unfortunately the Humax 4tune HMS-1000T does not work with IceTV.

But there are other good PVRs that can use IceTV and are not limited to 1 recording per tuner. They can record multiple shows from one TV network per tuner (e.g. ABC1, ABC2 and ABC3 all from 1 tuner) and all recordings include your pre-set padding (even back-to-back recordings on the same channel).

The 3 tuner Altech UEC 9600T, which we'll be selling very soon with IceTV available, can record 6 shows while watching a 7th if all of those shows are from 3 or less TV networks.  e.g. Record ABC1, ABC2 and ABC3 from tuner 1, while recording 7two and 7mate from tuner 2 and recording Nine from tuner 3, while viewing either ABC24 or Seven or GEM or GO!. You can record any combination of 6 recordings from 3 TV networks, including recording 6 channels from 1 network, or recording 2 channels from each of 3 different TV networks.

If you think that you may occasionally want to record from 4 different TV networks at the same time there's the Beyonwiz T3 which has 3 tuners built in and has an optional 4th USB tuner available. Like the Altech, the T3 can also record multiple shows per tuner (if from the same TV network) but can record 8 shows at once (if you have the 4th tuner) and stream recorded TV or live TV, from an unused tuner or one of the TV networks being recorded, to smart phones, tablets and computers. The T3 also has many of the networking features of the 4tune but not as polished, and does lack the 4tune's "Send to TV" chromecast type feature. 

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